If you are the kind of bride


who embraces her individual style, loves luxurious body-hugging lace, and believes with all her heart in the power of love... 


Then you are our kind of bride, and we are so happy you have found us. 

Here we seek to infuse ease and flexibility into the experience of finding the perfect wedding gown, while fulfilling the wish-list of the modern belle femme bohème.

About Our Gowns

The Story Behind the Dress

Discover the love stories of the Wear Your Love brides who have come before you.

Allison Wearing The Ellora Dress

"When I received my dress, I felt a weight lifted off of me. I felt so lucky to be marrying my husband in my dream dress. It was better than...

Allie Wearing The Bree Dress

"Don't forget about what a wedding is all about: being with the love of your life! Surround yourself with people who love you and are excited to celebrate that moment....

Kristen Wearing The Ari Dress

"My advice to future brides planning their wedding is 'do what you and your fiancé truly want'. It is so easy to get caught up in others' ideas of what...

Colleen Wearing The Indigo Dress

"I saw the photo of the Indigo dress and my heart just went '...yes, finally, thank you'. That neckline, the open back with the delicate lace strap, the long lace...

Chloe Wearing The Ari Dress

"As soon as I saw the dress, I knew it was exactly what I wanted. I kept comparing every other dress I found to the Ari dress and came back...

Julie 2.0 Dress

I actually got my dress delivered on Christmas Eve which made perfect sense because it was the PERFECT gift to myself! I slipped my dress on right away and couldn't have been happier.

Ari Dress

I saw your Ari dress and couldn't get it out of my head. I felt like the whole process of finding a dress should have taken a bit more effort, so I kept looking, and I kept coming back to it. Finally I decided to buy it and I am SO happy that I did. The dress is exquisite, the material is so amazingly comfortable and the skirt is so full I cannot wait to dance in it. The weight of the dress is perfect, light enough to not weigh you down but heavy enough to feel its quality. I feel like royalty in it!! Thank you so much, I'm so happy!!

Jade Dress

I was so excited when I got the box with the wedding dress! I waited until my mom was there to open it with her, and it was a very special moment. I did not expect the dress to be so soft and comfortable, it's literally the most comfortable dress I own!

Angelina Dress

My Angelina dress arrived in Sydney last week and it is SO stunning. It fits me beyond perfectly and I am so excited to wear it in 2 months for my wedding!! You describe it on your website as your most exquisite creation thus far and it makes total sense. The layers and details in the lace are breathtaking. Congratulations on such an incredible collection! I hope it brings you all so much joy and success. Thank you for designing such an amazing dress! I’ll be sure to send you photos in February! I can’t wait to tell every single person I know about how incredible Wear Your Love are and to not freak out at buying a dress online!

Odette Dress

Omg my dress arrived... The Odette dress is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! It fits PERFECTLY! I just can’t believe it. I don’t have to touch a thing and I didn’t want to get out of it! Honestly, a piece of art in my eyes! You are AMAZING!! You have NO IDEA how happy I am!! Can’t wait to send you some photos! We’re eloping to Byron Bay, Australia in July. I will send you photos when I get them! I didn’t want to take the dress off! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Ellora Dress

I just wanted to let you all know that I received my dress in the mail today, and it is absolutely PERFECT! It is better than I ever could have hoped for, and I cannot wait for my fiancé to see me wearing it on our wedding day! Everything about this dress, especially the gorgeous train and delicate rose motifs, is a real dream come true! I just cannot say enough how much I love it. Thank you again SO much for everything! I'm so proud to be a Wear Your Love Bride!