" The most
C O M F O R T A B L E dress
I have ever worn"

What our brides are saying...
What our brides are saying...
“It was so light and comfortable and I couldn’t believe how great it felt on. Nothing like the other heavy dresses I had tried on in other bridal shops, it was like wearing a cloud. So soft and stretchy, it hugged my body in all the right places and made me feel like an actual princess.”
— Tanya in Canada
Tanya in the Phoebe
The Phoebe
What our brides are saying...
"When it came to taking the measurements, the guide Wear Your Love provided was so user friendly, this might have been the official moment where I knew everything was going to be perfect."
— Emily in Colorado
What our brides are saying...
"I was so excited when I got the box with the wedding dress! I waited until my mom was there to open it with her, and it was a very special moment. I did not expect the dress to be so soft and comfortable, it's literally the most comfortable dress I own!"
— Hendrika in Canada
What our brides are saying...
"When I saw the Nevaeh dress I knew this was the one. I was so excited! It was definitely an emotional experience."
— Karen in Florida
What our brides are saying...
"Do not be afraid to order your dress online!! If you are on the fence about this or are worried, don't be. They are custom made dresses that are SO COMFY & seriously so worth it. This is the future of wedding dresses!! I will forever be an advocate."
— Hannah in California
What our brides are saying...
"I had been through an ordeal purchasing a dress at a local boutique, and it had been a disaster. After reading many positive reviews and learning how much detail went into every step, I was so at ease! As soon as I felt the material, I fell in love!"
— Tory in Pennsylvania
What our brides are saying...
"I wanted to cry. I put it on and was amazed at how perfectly it fit my body. I loved that there were no tight seams, wires, etc., I had never tried on a dress more comfortable and flowy and just straight-up gorgeous!"
— Katie in Hawaii
What our brides are saying...
"I was in total shock that the dress fit so perfectly!! Right down to my wrist everything fit so custom. I didn’t need even an inch altered. I was so happy and so relieved to have finally found the perfect one."
— Olivia in Canada
What our brides are saying...
"It was absolutely perfect. I will recommend WYL to everyone. My dress was amazing and I felt so alive in it. I could dance, climb on rocks for our photos, and stretch comfortably. Even when I ate cheese my dress stretched with me!"
— Jocelyn in California
What our brides are saying...
“I don’t get moments like this often but as soon as I saw the Trinity dress I knew I had to walk down the aisle in it! It was the easiest and best process to order my dress. I recommend all my friends that are getting married to your boutique!”
— Sarah in Colorado
Sarah in the Trinity
The Trinity
What our brides are saying...
“We ended up picking the Indy dress together as a good omen that she would find a job in Indy. My heart dropped to my knees [when it arrived] and I tried it on immediately! It fit like a glove!”
— Audrey in Indiana
What our brides are saying...
"Buying a wedding dress without ever trying it on is a risky decision, but one that paid off beyond belief! It fit like an absolute dream."⁠
— Sydney in Washington
What our brides are saying...
“OMG I was so excited yet scared that my measurements were off! I tried it on with my best friend and knew this was it. The dress fit PERFECTLY and was a dream to wear. The fabric was comfortable, stretchy, yet kept its fit.”
— Kristina in Canada
What our brides are saying...
“I cried, it was so perfect. Everything I could have imagined.”
— Paige in Washington
What our brides are saying...
“When I saw the Ari dress, I just knew. My favorite tattoo is on my back, so I really wanted a low back dress. I also wanted my arm tattoos to be covered so I loved the three quarter length sleeve! I just knew it would be really flattering on me but also comfortable.”
— Emily in Pennsylvania
What our brides are saying...
“I had a classic white for my first ceremony and I have always wanted a lacy spaghetti strap gown, so when I was given the opportunity to have another wedding I knew this was the perfect dress for me. I was SO nervous to try it on because I thought there was NO WAY it would fit, since I did my own measurements. It fit like a glove!!!!”
— Logan in Texas
What our brides are saying...
"The dress I found on the Wear Your Love website was always on my mind. When I tried on my Cleo dress for the first time, I was instantly in love, and so ready to marry the love of my life!"
— Carlene in Canada
What our brides are saying...
“The Bree dress caught my eye right away. I loved the column shape of the dress, the lace, and the trim details. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to wear such a form fitting dress so I kept looking but I just kept coming back to it and I am still so happy with my choice.”
— Steph in Canada
What our brides are saying...
“I actually ordered the Jade dress before I ever tried on a wedding dress. While I was waiting for my dress to arrive I did go to a bridal shop but nothing else piqued my interest. I knew I already had the perfect dress…I was very very excited when my dress arrived. When I tried it on it fit perfectly and it was so comfortable.”
— Kendra in Australia
What our brides are saying...
"My gown was more amazing in person than it was online! I loved it!"
— Abigail in Illinois
What our brides are saying...
"It took a lot of scrolling to find my perfect one but seeing the Rory 2.0 dress blew my mind...I ran upstairs and tried it on so fast I don’t even remember opening the box. I instantly knew my decision was the right one after I put it on."
— Caitlin in Maryland
What our brides are saying...
"I kept comparing every other dress I found to The Ari dress and came back to it every time. Being able to open that box to see the dress of my dreams finally here was so surreal! I will never forget that day."
— Chloe in California
What our brides are saying...
"I felt sooo beautiful and comfortable! AND it fit perfectly. I was so happy and so was my family!"
— Allie in Florida
What our brides are saying...
"I could tell how beautiful it was from the moment I got the top off the box. The dress was perfect! The material was stretchy, soft, and so comfortable! It was everything I wanted."
— Makenna in Oklahoma

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Created to blow the traditional bridal uniform out of the water! This forward-thinking, yet elegant collection is made in the softest fabrics, designed with the most chic and feminine lines, and each dress is so comfortable you'll never want to take yours off.

Who We Are

Nothing brings us more joy than helping brides feel graceful, sensational, and maximally gorgeous on their wedding day. To that end, we dedicate ourselves to not only the beauty, but also the comfort of our brides, designing our dresses with only the softest stretch laces, luxuriously airy silks, and breathable organic cotton lining.

Made one at a time,
just for you;
better for the world.