At Wear Your Love we make dresses for wildly in love free spirits. From gorgeous laces that stretch with your laughter to light-as-air skirts that dance the night away with you, we’ve designed dresses that will keep up with your wedding day revelries. Here is what you can expect from your Wear Your Love dress:


How is my dress sized?

All of our dresses are made-to-order based on each of our bride’s unique measurements for the best possible fit. We‘ve always found it frustrating that the traditional bridal gown experience requires multiple fitting appointments to alter a standard size dress to fit your body.

Instead, we create your dress to your individual measurements (18 of them to exact) to ensure a beautiful fit from the very beginning.

Because our dresses are all based on stretch elements and designed a slip-on/slip-off style, they fit a variety of body shapes and sizes with comfort and ease.


Can I customize my dress?

We are almost always able to accommodate simple dress customizations to the neckline and sleeves, as well as add lining to areas of a dress that weren’t originally designed with lining. Some common customizations we offer are: raising/lowering the neckline, adding a skirt slit, and lining or shortening the sleeves. Most customizations do carry a customization fee which varies depending on the request.

Please know our team is quite often too busy to accommodate dress customizations that fundamentally change the shape or fit of our dresses. You are always welcome to send us your request, and we would be happy to let you know if we have the time in our production schedule.


Where is my dress made?

We make all of our dresses from start to finish in our Northern California studio. You can learn more about our sustainability practices HERE.


What is my dress made out of?

We pride ourselves on sourcing the most beautiful fabrics available in the textures that are most wonderful to wear. Our favorites include luxuriously soft stretch French lace, airy English tulle, natural silk, as well as vegan chiffon.

All of our gowns are lined - most with a breathable organic cotton knit fabric that is incredibly soft to the touch (only our gold shimmer lining is a fully synthetic fiber lining). Some dresses have an unlined décolletage, sleeves, or back of the bodice for a beautiful lace-on-skin effect.


How do I try-on my dress?

In order to provide our brides with the best prices possible, we’ve chosen to sell our gowns exclusively online. Operating 100% online enables us to skip the traditional bridal store markup and offer our dresses at a fraction of the price they'd be listed at in a bridal boutique. Thus, we do not offer try-on service at this time. You can learn more about our online ordering process HERE.


How long does it take to receive my dress?

We will begin the process of allocating fabric for your dress within 3 days of receiving your order. It takes on average 15 – 18 weeks for us to create your dress, and during our peak seasons it can take up to 20 weeks. This is referred to as our “production time”, and it is measured from the date you place your order to the date your order is shipped.

Shipping takes about 3 - 5 days for U.S. orders and 5 - 21 days for international orders (this varies by country). We recommend ordering your dress as early as possible so we can ensure delivery with plenty of time. If you need your dress in less than 15 weeks, please email us at to inquire about our Rush Order service, which may be available at an additional charge.


What will my dress feel like to wear?

Our dresses are designed to be light and comfortable from head to toe with only the softest fabric against your skin and stretch at every curve. We do not have any itchy or stiff fabrics in our dress collections and absolutely no restrictive seams, rigid boning, or unforgiving zippers.


How should I store my dress after I receive it?

We recommend using an acid-free wedding dress box with acid-free tissue paper for dress storage before and after your wedding. Your dress will come with detailed instructions on how to properly care for your dress.


Do you ever do sales?

We do not put our gowns on sale. Our pricing reflects what it costs us to ethically manufacture made-to-measure wedding dresses one-by-one, in the United States, while providing for our team and sourcing our quality materials. We would never, in a million years, want our brides to feel regret for missing out on a discount code, or wait too long to order, hoping a big Black Friday sale will happen. Every season we have to turn down brides who waited too long on their dress. It breaks our hearts, but as a small, independent studio, we simply do not have the capacity to make more dresses once our production schedule is full.

When you buy a Wear Your Love dress, you are getting a dress that has been made-to-order using your exact measurements. This means more than 9 times out of 10 our dresses fit like a glove right out of the box, so you won’t be blindsided by pricey alterations. By keeping our prices honest, we hope this makes your wedding planning just a little easier, and that when your big day comes, you feel proud to Wear Your Love.


Still have questions?

We recommend checking our FAQ page for more in-depth info on our dresses HERE.



We absolutely love what we do, and nothing makes us happier than making our brides feel graceful, sensational, and maximally beautiful on their wedding day. We strive to provide the most exceptional wedding dresses for the most wonderfully unique brides.
 -The Wear Your Love Team