Where is my dress made?

All of our dresses are made from start to finish in our studio in Northern California.


How and when is my dress made?

All of our gowns are made to order.  This means that we do not begin creating your dress until you have placed your order.  We will begin the process of fabric allocation within 3 days of receiving your order. It currently takes us about 12-18 weeks for us to process dress orders. This is referred to as our "production time" and is measured from the date you place your order to the date your order is shipped.


Can my dress be vegan?

All of our dresses can be made vegan.  If your dress has a chiffon skirt layer (like our ever-popular Zoey Scoop-Back dress) you will be able to choose between Natural Silk Chiffon (from silkworms) or Vegan Chiffon (synthetic fiber).  Both fabrics are gorgeous, luxurious, and so incredibly soft.  And, both fabrics will be included with your swatch packet, if your dress has chiffon in the skirt.


What materials go into my dress?

We pride ourselves on sourcing the most beautiful fabrics available in the textures that are most wonderful to wear. Our favorites include luxuriously soft stretch French lace, soft English tulle, natural silk, as well as vegan chiffon, and breathable organic cotton.


How can I be sure my dress will fit?

Your dress will be made to your specific measurements (18 of them to exact). Since our dresses are all based on stretch elements and each gown is a slip-on/slip-off style, our designs fit beautifully on a variety of body shapes and sizes, with comfort and ease.


Will my dress be lined?

Yes, all of our gowns are lined, most with soft organic knit fabrics (only our shimmering gold lining is a synthetic fiber).  Some dresses have unlined décolletage, sleeves, or the back of the bodice, for a beautiful lace-on-skin effect.


What will my dress feel like to wear?

Our dresses are designed to be light and comfortable from head to toe, with only the softest fabric against the skin, and stretch at every curve.  We do not have any itchy or stiff fabrics in our dress collections.


How should I store my dress after I receive it?

We recommend using an acid-free wedding dress box for dress storage before and after your wedding.




We absolutely love what we do, and nothing makes us happier than making our brides feel graceful, sensational, and maximally beautiful on their wedding day. We strive to provide the most exceptional wedding dresses for the most wonderfully unique brides.
 -The Wear Your Love Team