I fell in love with my first wedding dress looking through my parents' wedding photos. My mom wore an easy-going and effortlessly feminine off-the shoulder style that hugged her in the just the right way. It was somehow just perfectly... her. She held herself with grace as they took their vows, and her smile and laughter in photo after photo made it clear how sublimely at ease she was on that day. Over the years since thumbing through that album I noticed how rare it was to see a bride who truly looked like herself in her wedding dress: comfortable, at ease, and glowing with authenticity.
When it came time to consider what I wanted in a wedding myself, I envisioned an intimate, soul-connecting ceremony with a ravishing celebration, in a kick-your-heels-up and shout-from-the-rooftops style. I imagined a bridal look that embodies effortlessness and joy.
I soon discovered a major obstacle standing between the euphoric, free-spirited event I had in mind, and the reality for most brides: the traditional wedding dress. That stiff look that has come to dominate bridal shop appointments and endless fittings is unforgivably miserable to wear. How is anyone going to kick their heels up and shout from the rooftop when they are too uncomfortable to take deep breaths or even sit down? How can a bride feel at home beside her partner when she doesn’t feel like herself in her dress?
I was raised by artisan parents in a do-it-yourself household and learned from a young age that doing things my own way, and pouring my heart into my work, would lead in the right direction. When I founded Wear Your Love, it was with this spirit.
What I seek to share with brides everywhere is a vision of weddings that centers around a bride who feels her most amazing. She has the freedom to dance, laugh, eat, and drink in the bliss of love. She is present, buoyant, and at ease as she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime with her partner, gracefully dancing through each moment as she creates treasured forever-memories.
With an emphasis on beautifully wearable organic and luxury fabrics, I have created the team and the vision that is Wear Your Love. Our collection of bridal styles ring true to the joy of getting married, leaving the clasps, buttons, zippers, and boning behind. Each dress is perfectly stretchy, for a body-hugging experience of essential comfort, created with laughter, sensuality, and the magnificence of the feminine spirit in mind.
And, because nature is my greatest inspiration and first true love, we use organic cotton and produce our dresses with zero textile waste. I truly adore all things organic: as in, “of life and “free of the artificial”, just like Wear Your Love brides, and just like true love.