About Us

Welcome to Wear Your Love.  


We make dresses so soft and dreamy, they beg to be worn.


In our vision, the Wear Your Love bride embodies effortless beauty and femininity in a classic and understated way.  She wants all of the romance, and all of the joy of getting married, without compromising her individual style or her comfort.  We see the Wear Your Love bride as a laid-back natural beauty with incandescent poise, and of course, a free spirit. 


Our mission is to infuse the bridal shopping experience with the new-paradigm ideals of ease, convenience, uniqueness, quality, and ecological-consciousness. And because we offer our products only online, direct to you, we are able to skip the bridal shop markup and provide our dresses at affordable prices.  


We wholeheartedly embrace the wedding renaissance that has opened the door to ceremonies and receptions that embody the personality and one-of-a-kind nature of each couple.  To that end we dedicate ourselves to not only the beauty, but also the comfort of our brides, lining our dresses in luxurious organic cotton or silky soft bamboo, so lush to the skin you’ll never want to wear anything else.


Nothing gives us more joy than making our brides feel graceful, sensational, and maximally beautiful on their wedding day. We absolutely love what we do and we strive to provide the most exceptional wedding dresses to unique and phenomenal modern brides.


The most important aspect of our job is making brides-to-be fall completely in love with the dress they choose.  Client service is really OUR THING, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions or special requests.  




When we started Wear Your Love, we set out with the goal of providing our brides with affordable, eco-conscious dress options. The wedding industry produces a lot of waste, and we wanted our brides to have the peace of mind that their gown would align with their values. To that end, we are committed to three areas of sustainability:


Organic Cotton
We use organic cotton lining in all of our gowns because it’s hypoallergenic, incredibly soft, and better for the planet! Organic cotton saves precious freshwater resources, produces 45% less CO2 than traditional cotton (it stacks up even better to poly fabrics), and is free of harsh chemicals known to be carcinogenic by global health organizations.

Made in California
We are committed to the highest quality craftsmanship and paying our team a livable wage and benefits. This means we create all of our gowns by hand from start-to-finish in our Northern California studio, rather than outsourcing our production to low-wage, environmentally unregulated areas of the world. Often times these garment factories are in regions known for unsafe working conditions with high rates of river and air pollution which impact local communities and ecosystems.

Low Waste
Because all of our gowns are made-to-order, we only use what we need rather than pre-making a collection and sending it to a landfill if it doesn’t sell. Every second the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned, and we don’t want any part in that. From the small amount of fabric remnants we do produce, we donate roughly half of it to local preschools for craft projects (it’s the sweetest thing to see toddlers play with French lace!), and we utilize textile recycling facilities for everything too small for our friends at the preschools.




A word from the designer:

From my earliest bridal daydreams I envisioned my wedding as the entwinement of sacred, intimate and soul-connecting ceremony, with ravishing celebration in kick-your-heels-up and shout-from-the-rooftop style. Inspired by brilliantly romantic young loves I dreamed of a wedding that would in some magical way express the rhapsody of experiencing true and unbound love. In the glorious profundity of nature and in the farthest reaches of vividly imagined fantasy, my creative essence came to life in my wedding visions and I imagined a bridal style that embodies the spirit of the mermaid, the goddess, and the nymph, with effortless femininity.

After years of being maid-of-honor and bridesmaid, I discovered that there is a major obstacle standing between the euphoric free-spirited wedding celebration I had in mind and the reality for most brides: the traditional wedding dress. That stiff look that has come to dominate the bridal shop appointments and endless fittings, is unforgivably miserable to wear. How is a woman supposed to hold and be held, dance and laugh, kick her heels up, and shout from the roof; how is she supposed to feel at home beside her partner, and embody her most elegant beauty, when she doesn't feel like herself in her wedding dress?

What I seek to share with brides everywhere is a vision of weddings that centers around a bride who feels her most amazing. She has the freedom to dance, laugh, eat, drink and be blissfully happy. She is present, buoyant, and at ease as she embarks on her path with her partner. She gracefully dances through each moment as she creates forever-memories with the person she wants to hold and be held by, the person she is absolutely at home beside, with full abandon, bliss, and joy.

With emphasis on beautifully wearable organic and luxury fabrics, I have created Wear Your Love, a collection of bridal styles that ring true to the pure joy of getting married. Leaving the clasps, buttons, zippers, and boning behind, each dress is perfectly stretchy, for a body-hugging experience of essential comfort. Each style is created with the laughter, sensuality, and magnificence of young love, mad love, soul-mated, and epic love in mind.

... And because nature is my greatest inspiration (as well as my first true love), most of our dresses are made with a portion of eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics, like ultra soft bamboo and lush organic cotton. I truly adore all things organic; as in, “of life” and “free of the artificial”, just like Wear Your Love brides, and just like true love.


jillian Leigh




Refunds and exchanges will be accepted only if contact requesting a refund/exchange is made with us within 24 hours of your item being delivered to your shipping address. Returned or exchanged items must be shipped within 24 hours of receiving Return Authorization.

Returns are NOT accepted on custom design orders, items with design customizations, or sample sale items.

A restocking fee of 40% will be assessed on all made to measure wedding dresses, wedding separates, and toppers returned for a refund.  

A 25% restocking fee will be assessed on all accessory items returned for a refund.  This includes jewelry and veils.

Rush order fees are non-refundable.  Customization fees are non-refundable.

Returns will only be accepted if the item arrives undamaged. If a returned item is soiled (including makeup or excessive pet hair) or has an odor (especially smoke) an additional $200 USD cleaning fee will be deducted from the refund.

In the very unlikely event that an item arrives with a flaw, we will gladly repair it at no fee. 

Shipping charges are never refundable, and the buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs and shipping costs associated with alternations.

Rush Order fees are not refundable. Customization fees are not refundable.

Due to high demand for our dresses and accessories, when you place your order, we often turn down other brides in order to hold a place in our production schedule for you. Therefore, if you change your mind about your dress, veil, or accessory order before we have begun to create your items, a refund may be issued minus a 15% cancellation fee. Orders cancelled after we have begun to create your dress or accessory will be subject to the full 40% restocking fee.

Custom gowns and dresses that have been changed from their original design at the request of the buyer are final sale.  This includes custom colors and fabric changes, as well as changed necklines, changed sleeves, etc.

In the very unlikely event that a customized item arrives with a flaw, we will gladly repair it at no fee.  If an item arrives as requested and the buyer requests additional changes by our team, a change fee will be assessed in order to make adjustments to the design.  The fee amount will be determined by our design team on a case-by-case basis.

Buyers are responsible for all import and customs fees associated with their purchase. We encourage international shoppers to be aware of their country's fees before purchasing.