Congratulations, Justyne and Bernard on their gorgeous backyard forest wedding! Photography by Alicia Willett of Rose Photo.

So tell us, how did you meet the love of your life?

I would love to say we had a really great "meet cute" but in all honesty we met through a dating website. For our first date we met at a bar, I (bride) arrived first and was beyond nervous. It turns out Bernard was too because he came to the bar, texted me from afar to assure it was me and when he saw me check my phone introduced himself.

Was there a moment you knew they were the one? Tell us how they won your heart.

It sounds very cheesey but our first date made me realize how special he was. I knew he was the one when he agreed to drive straight across the United States during COVID to support my family. It meant more to me than I could describe.

Tell us the story of the proposal ❤️

Like many 2022 brides, we got engaged during the pandemic. He knows I do not like a lot of attention on myself, and so one day after spending yet another day in our home he let me know there was a surprise waiting for me upstairs in our bedroom. He had lined the entire hallway with rose petals, and candles, and had dozens of photos of our family all around. He was wearing a suit and asked me to marry him. It was so special because he had taken the time to put something memorable and intimate together for us.

Which dress did you choose?


What was most important to you when choosing your wedding dress

I really wanted something that would allow me to be comfortable all night so that I could dance, have cocktails and just enjoy our family and friends. I also wanted a dress that still looked like "me"

What aspects of your wedding were most important to you when you were planning?

We wanted all of our favorite humans together in one space laughing, celebrating and being together. Looking back at our pictures and reminiscing it was amazing to see all of the different groups of people mingling and having fun together. That was what was most important to us.

Did your wedding have a theme or a specific style?

Our wedding was located in the woods on a body of water. The theme was very organic and natural looking.

What advice do you wish you could go back and give to yourself when you were in the early stages of planning?

I would say just make a monthly to do list. Wedding planning is expensive and can be overwhelming. Each month just set a goal of what you will accomplish and how much you are willing to spend. Before you know it your big day will arrive and you will feel at ease!

Let's show your wedding venue some love! What is the name of your venue, and why did you choose it for your special day?

We actually got married at my parents' house. We choose this because of all of the fond memories we created there and because it offered the most beautiful backdrop of water and trees.

What was your favorite moment of the day?

I would say my initial look when I began to walk down the aisle. To be with my dad and to look up and see all of our favorite people in one place and my husband at the end waiting for me is something I will always remember.

How did you feel spending the day in your wedding dress?

AMAZING! When we did our first look, Bernard immediately said, "I love your dress! It looks just like you!" All night long he complimented me and so did my guests. It was something different than my other family members had chosen and so unique. I felt confident, beautiful and comfortable.

Who was your photographer?

Alicia Willett @rosephotonomi

Would you like to shout out to any of your other vendors?

We used @midaybeauty for our hair and makeup. Bernard used @indochino for his tux. We used @streetchefshaw for our taco food truck @pintsponies for our bartending services and cart for our DJ for our shuttle service

What has been the best part so far about being married?

Not much has changed since getting married but I suppose just knowing we are each other's person now and into the future is pretty neat (:


Justyne is wearing The Ari with nude lining, straight long sleeves to the wrist, and a 12 in sweep train. She paired her dress with a floor length Oceane veil.

Rachel Ferreira