How did you meet the love of your life?

I actually worked with his identical twin brother at McDonald's as a teenager. We first met at a coffee shop as he was seeing a girl who was friends with my very close friend. Years later we ended up at the same house party through mutual friends/old co-workers and hit it off. We started dating a few months after that second encounter. 8 years later we are finally married!

When did you know that this person had stolen your heart?

We were pretty young when we started seeing each other, so I didn't take it seriously at all. But on my 18th birthday, I invited him to a family dinner which I didn't expect him to come to. He not only showed up but chatted up my mom all night, she loved him after that and that made me think this guy is the one.

Tell us about the proposal!

He told me he had to go into work Saturday which wasn't common. While I was sleeping, he went out and got a puppy he had arranged to purchase and came back home an hour after he left, bursting into the bedroom and tossing the puppy onto the bed. I was half asleep and so confused about why he was home. I just kept saying, "Who's dog is this???" and he just kept saying, "it's yours!" meanwhile the puppy was going crazy with excitement. She was licking my face and actually peed in the bed! There was so much excitement and confusion I didn't notice the ring tied around her neck. He then came around the side of the bed and got down on one knee and slowly untied the ring off her collar. It wasn't until that moment I even realized what was happening! He kept it short and sweet, which is totally his style, just saying, "We got the house, we got the dog, we might as well get married, if you'll have me". And I, of course, said yes!


How did you find Wear Your Love?

When I came to work after getting engaged that's all anyone wanted to talk to me about. My co-worker asked if I had thought about a dress yet. I showed her one from Grace Loves Lace that I really liked, but couldn't possibly justify the price tag. She then told me about her brother's wedding that was going to take place at the end of the year. She mentioned her now sister-in-law was struggling to find a dress and tried on a million different ones in different shops and none of them were what she wanted but then stumbled upon Wear Your Love and ended up getting a custom gown. She showed me your website and said that she thought I'd like the dresses, as they were a similar vibe to the one I was already interested in. I took a look and when I saw the Madelyn I was instantly in love. My mom, maid of honor, and mother in law weren't excited about the idea of me just ordering a dress online without trying it on. They kept insisting on me trying dresses on. So I did go to two shops and tried on a ton of different styles and none of them were right. I kept going back to your site again and again and just thinking, this is the one, I just know it. Finally, after trying those dresses on, I thought no, this is what I want, I am just going to do it. So I had my now sister in law help me measure myself, send it off, and the rest is history.

When did you know you had found your perfect dress?

I loved the style, but even after ordering it, I was super nervous about it showing up. What if it didn't fit or it didn't look right? When it arrived I kicked Reece out of the house and tried it on. It was perfect. I couldn't stop smiling. But this was still at least 9 months before my wedding. I never tried it on again until the day of the wedding. Luckily it still fit! When I came downstairs with everything on and saw my bridesmaids and my mom and mother in law, they all had huge smiles on their faces and were gasping. That's when I really knew it was the perfect dress.

What went through your mind when the Wear Your Love box arrived at your doorstep, and you pulled out your dress for the first time?

I was so nervous. As soon as I opened the box and just saw and felt the material, I was so happy. It was exactly as pictured.

What was your wedding theme or style?


Let's show your wedding venue some love! What is the name of the wedding venue you chose and why did you choose them for your special day?

Ghost Town Blues BnB in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada. It's a tiny town of about 2,000 people where my husband grew up and where most of his family still lives. It's about 4 hours from the city we live in now. The BnB is absolutely gorgeous. A total hidden gem. The man who owns it lives on the property and built/restored all the cabins and wagons himself. It barely needed any decorating on my part!

What was on your wedding soundtrack playlist, aisle, reception, and first dance?

Ceremony: Wedding party walking: Hey Ho - The Lumineers Bride and dad walk down the aisle: This Years Love - David Gray Dance: Bride and grooms first dance: If I ain't got you - Alicia Keys Dad and daughter dance: My little girl - Tim McGraw Mom and son dance: My wish - rascal flats Bridal party and others come up to get everyone on the dance floor: Pillow talk - Quincy Vadal

Tell us who was involved in making your wedding wonderful...

Photographer - Ted Kim @ the Mou Studio in Calgary, AB. Instagram: @themoustudio and on Facebook:

Hair - Tami Macey from Lethbridge, AB (family friend, doesn't have a business account) Makeup - Caitlin @ CMB Beauty Studio from Shaunavon, SK. Instagram: @cmbbeautystudio Facebook:  DJ - Mark @ Mark Flannigan Music, Medicine Hat, AB. Facebook: Florist - Nola @ Kelli Dee Floral in Maple Creek, SK. She doesn't have social media, but her website is Caterer - Jordan @ The Shop, Maple Creek, SK. Instagram: @theshopmc and on Facebook: Bridesmaid Dresses by Show Me Your Mumu

What was your favorite moment?

Reece's vows were absolutely perfect. They were so genuine. He isn't a super romantic guy and I know he was so nervous about speaking in front of everyone. He did such a good job and everything he said was perfect. Listening to them felt like it was just me and him standing there, no one else around. It was my favorite moment for sure.

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for anyone planning a wedding?

If you're planning it all by yourself as I did, it can get overwhelming while things pile up. I really liked the app: The Knot to keep me organized. I also used their website service for my RSVPs and it helped me keep track of the guest list. The best part is it's free! My biggest challenge was the fact that I lived 4 hours from my venue and the small town we picked had limited vendors so we had to bring in people from other cities for certain services. At the end of the day, despite the small things that might have gone wrong, I can't even tell you what those were. None of that matters, the day goes by so quickly. Just enjoy yourself and take it all in. Don't sweat the small stuff. It really was the best day/night of my life.

How would you rate your overall experience with Wear Your Love?

5 out of 5 stars.

May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy for you two!

Madison is wearing the Open Back Madelyn 2.0 with nude lining at thigh-length, skirt slit, and unlined sleeves.

Alisha Franco