Joseph and Nicole wearing the Felicia Dress

How did you meet the love of your life?

He played in a band with one of my best friends!

When did you know that this person had stolen your heart?

On our first date. I had never felt a romantic connection with someone like I had with Joe. He took me for a ride on his motorcycle and we watched Harold & Maude... on the second date he told me he loved me.

Tell us the story of the proposal.

For our proposal on Thanksgiving, he had somehow preemptively taken a polaroid of a picture of us that said "Will you marry me?" over it. We spent the whole night taking polaroid pictures of the family and at the end of the night he said, "Do you want to look through them" and sure enough, the last photo in the mix was the marriage proposal. Super, super sweet and thoughtful.

How long was your engagement? What went into the decision about date and location?

Our engagement was a little over a year. We actually thought we were going to get married after the pandemic, but when God gives you your rightful husband.... you don't really feel like waiting. So we decided to just go for it in the most magical month of the year (December) with live stream available from our church website. It was very intimate.

How would you describe your personal style?  What were the most important factors for you as you considered how you wanted your bridal look to manifest?

Well, we got married in a Roman Catholic Church so I mostly wanted to look conservative but still beautiful. I wanted a dress that was flowy, warm and comfortable.

How did you find Wear Your Love?

After spending hours and hours on the internet looking for the perfect long sleeve dress.

When did you know you had found your perfect dress?

I guess you just know when you find what you're looking for. I knew immediately.

What went through your mind when the Wear Your Love box arrived at your doorstep, and you pulled out your dress for the first time?

I can't believe I ordered my wedding dress online. I doubt it will look perfect. And sure enough, it did!!

What is the name of the dress, and did you request any custom aspects?

Felicia! I requested it be lined so that I could be warm.

What was your wedding theme or style?

The theme of our wedding was cardinals, and generally just Christmas vibes.

How involved was your love in the planning? Did your families help with planning? Did you hire a co-ordinator, planner, or event stylist?

Oh he was super involved. Our wedding was super small so it didn't require a ton of detail but for the cake, cake topper, limo driver, photographer, and any other little things we needed done.. he was my guy!

Let's show your wedding venue some love! What is the name of the wedding venue you chose and why did you choose it for your special day?

We got married in a church called St. Ann's Roman Catholic Church in Nyack, NY and had a small reception at our apartment, COVID-19 style!

What was on your wedding soundtrack playlist, aisle, reception, and first dance?

We had a very classy wedding playlist from Canon when I walked down the aisle, on Eagle's wings during the eucharist, and the wedding march to exit the church. We had our first dance in our living room :) the song is called Sweet Avenue by Jets to Brazil.

What was your favorite moment of the day?

My favorite moment of the day was honestly taking pictures with our photographer after the ceremony. She is so much fun and there was this brilliant fog that just created a mystery and dream like state that we were not expecting at all.

Who was involved in your special day? We'd love to shout out to all your favorite vendors! Add all social media information, so each person gets the credit they deserve.

Our photographer: Rebecca Lader

My hair: @laurensalutocolour Makeup artist: @jaydeyyy_ Florist: @miramirafloral Husbands Tux: @stitchandtie Husband's Hair: @tonybarberny

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for anyone planning a wedding?

You should do what feels right for you as a couple, even if that means having only close family at your wedding, it should always be about the love that you two share and not about the big party. Although we do plan to have a big party/ reception once COVID is over haha!

Now that you can look back with 20/20 hindsight, was there anything you'd do differently?

I don't think so!

What's your favorite thing about being married so far?

It's honestly the best feeling I've ever felt. We are so over the moon in love and overjoyed to be joined under God.

Nicole is wearing the Felicia dress, full 24-inch train, V-Back, Fully lined sleeves and white lining.

Congratulations, Joseph & Nicole!
Here's to a Lifetime of Happiness!