So tell us, how did you meet the love of your life?
We met while I was working at a coffee shop in South Florida! Keanu was going to school in Orlando at the time and we really hit it off from the beginning. We could not stay away from each other & we ended up dating long distance for a full year!When did you know they were the one?
I knew there was something really special about Keanu when he asked me to be his girlfriend after only two weeks of knowing each other. Neither of us really wanted to be in a relationship, but we also knew that we needed to be together. We just knew that there was something really special between us that we couldn't stay away from. The rest is history.
Tell us the story of the proposal!
Keanu is an app developer. He spent many months building a scavenger hunt app for the proposal, & he decided to propose on Valentine's Day so that I would think the scavenger hunt was just for Valentine's Day! My mom was visiting us in Hawaii at the time & she took me out to a mother-daughter Valentine's Day breakfast. At the end of the meal she told me to get out my phone & open the app that Keanu had secretly downloaded to my phone. The scavenger hunt began! My mom went with me as I drove around our city solving clues, from our house to our grandparents homes, and finally to our favorite beach spot where Keanu was waiting at the end with our family. He got down on one knee in the sand, surrounded by rose petals, & asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. It was so fun & magical & I had NO clue he was going to propose at the end of it!!!How long was your engagement? What went into deciding your wedding's date and location?
We were engaged for a year & a half. We decided to get married in the summer because I always wanted a summer wedding & Hawaii summers are THE BEST. Plus we wanted to avoid the rainy season! The wedding date was June 20th, 2020. I loved all the "20's" and it was also the summer solstice, which I thought was a romantic & magical addition to our wedding!How would you describe your personal style? What was most important to you when you were planning your bridal look?
My personal style is feminine & a little bit beachy boho. While I was planning my bridal look, I wanted a dress that was truly unique and felt very ME. My WYL dress 10000000% did that.
How did you find Wear Your Love?
I actually saw a dress on instagram YEARS ago & absolutely fell in love with it. The dress was long sleeved & I remember being in awe of how beautiful & classic it was. I took a screenshot of the photo & since that day I always wanted a long sleeve wedding dress. Years later, when I was beginning wedding planning & searching for the perfect wedding dress, I came across WYL again. I realized after finding a dress that I really loved, that WYL was the same brand that I had seen & admired years ago on Instagram. It had come full circle for me & I was very moved in this moment!When did you know you had found your perfect dress?
The answer to this ties in with the previous question. When I realized that the dress I had found for my wedding was from WYL, the same brand that had inspired me years ago, it sealed the deal for me. It felt like fate!! I also had been debating between a few dresses at WYL, & I always came back to the same dress, so I knew it was THE ONE! It was the first dress that really caught my eye out of all the dresses I had seen, & I knew that it just had to be my wedding dress.Which dress did you choose, and did you request any custom aspects?
My dress was the Ari dress, & I was able to do some customization to it! Which was really special to me because I wanted something unique, & this also allowed me to really make the dress my own & fall even more in love with it. I chose to do long sleeves that extended over my hands. I added a slit in the front, & I added a ribbon on the back of the dress at the top for an extra detail.What went through your mind when the Wear Your Love box arrived at your doorstep and you tried on your dress for the first time?
I was overjoyed when my box arrived, & trying the dress on was so so fun. I FaceTimed my mom & had my best friend over, & we had a fun little home party out of it. I got to try the dress on in the comfort of my own home. And speaking of comfort - the dress is UNBELIEVABLY COMFORTABLE. Did your wedding have a theme or style?
Beach Boho! Tropical colors with gold & satin details.How involved was your partner in the wedding planning? Did your families help? Did you hire a coordinator, planner, or event stylist?
I did almost all of the shopping & planning myself. It was a lot of work but also really fun for me. I asked my partner & friends for some opinions on colors & such, but I mostly made all of the decisions. We did not hire a coordinator or planner.Let's show your wedding venue some love! What is the name of your venue, and why did you choose it for your special day?
Because of the pandemic, we ended up eloping on the beach in Waimanalo! We did not have a venue for our special day.Tell us about your wedding playlist! What song did you walk down the aisle to? Did you have a first dance song that was meaningful to you?
We played some local Hawaiian music for our elopement! Palehua by Amy Hanaiali'i Gilliom was the song I walked down the aisle to. We have not had a first dance yet, as we plan to have our reception some time later this year :) But the music at the reception will also be local hawaiian music, with reggae & some dance music for dancing!
What was your favorite moment of the day?
I organized & planned a picnic for Keanu & I for right after the ceremony. I designed it & did all the shopping! We were able to sit down, pop a bottle of champagne, cheers, & eat some cake right after our ceremony. I feel like most people don't take the time to pause during their wedding day to really take it in, so that was really important to me. It was so nice to sit down with Keanu & celebrate the huge milestone we had just accomplished as we start our lives together!Who was involved in your special day? We would love to shout out your photographer, favorite vendors, and anyone else who made your day magical. 
Chris K.T. Bright was our photographer @chrisktbright. My haku lei was made by @ocean_dreamerr. Makeup by @revealhairandmakeupDo you have any advice or helpful tips for others planning a wedding?
Do not be afraid to order your dress online!! I had many people who were very shocked when I told them I ordered my wedding dress online. If you are on the fence about this or are worried, don't be. I had several questions that WYL patiently answered!! They also take your specific measurements, so it's guaranteed to fit you. They are custom made dresses that are SO COMFY & seriously so worth it. I am so so happy that I went with my gut & went with WYL. This is the future of wedding dresses!! I will forever be an advocate. What has been the best part so far about being married?
The pandemic greatly affected our wedding plans, but I think that we definitely proved that we can make the most out of any situation & we can do it together. That's been the best part of marriage that has continued since our elopement.

Hannah is wearing The Ari with a custom neckline, princess skirt slit, and ribbon back tie with nude lining and a full 22 inch train.

Rachel Ferreira