Alec and Ellie


Tell us how you met the love of your life?

I moved into an apartment full of really cool girls and he was good friends with them. We met on a Sunday when I gave a talk at church and he was visiting our congregation that day. We instantly hit it off. We were both the class clowns of the group and loved the non-traditional things of life. bff’s xoxo

When did you know that this person had stolen your heart?

On our third date, we got pancakes at this diner in a small town. We were both still nervous and giggly and talked about everything and anything! It was around Christmas time and a nice old man approached us! He had a long white beard and glasses and the jolliest smile. He told us that he has been overhearing our conversation and it brought a lot of joy to see such a sweet couple be so enthusiastic. At that moment I knew our connection was more than just friends but we worked together best in a partnership.

Tell us about the proposal.

Alec and I have actually been engaged a total of 4 TIMES! Our road has been more like a roller coaster! So many ups and a couple of downs. We did a traditional dinner proposal, a bonfire proposal, even a drive halfway to Vegas without telling anyone proposal! But my favorite was when we just sat down alone and had an honest talk about life and one another and how we couldn’t lose each other. Our marriage is the most special and sacred thing as we have begun treating it like something to respect rather than something to display!

Explain to us how you found Wear Your Love?

Social media made my wedding dreams come true. I am not the traditional type so when I went to a fancy wedding dress boutique and tried them on I felt pressure to impress my friends and family. I found the exact look I wanted when I was scrolling through Instagram because I felt relaxed and like I could be myself! 

When did you know you had found your perfect dress?

So I found several “perfect dresses” on the Wear Your Love page. It became a matter of personalizing my dream dress. It’s hard to find modest options for a reasonable price. I loved that I could add fabric to the places I wanted to be covered. I couldn’t get that in a boutique without breaking the bank.

What went through your mind when the Wear Your Love box arrived at your doorstep, and you pulled out your dress for the first time?

I went to my best friend and had a mini viewing party!

What is the name of the dress you purchased?

Ari Dress

What was your wedding theme or style?

Boho Mountain Elopement

Let's show your wedding venue some love! What is the name of the wedding venue you chose and why did you choose them for your special day?

We went to Bogus Basin in Boise, Idaho, and eloped in the rolling hills of the mountain!

What was on your wedding soundtrack playlist, aisle, reception, and first dance?

Our song is Grow as We Go by Ben Platt.

Tell us your favorite moment from your wedding?

My dad made homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs for us to eat as a family after. It was during the pandemic so no restaurants were open. Best meal ever with the best family ever.

Tell us who was involved in your special day? (Example. Hair, Make-up, videographer, caterer, DJ/band, florist, and planner)Add all social media information, so each person gets the credit they deserve.

Photographer:  Emily Caporale

Tan by @bronze.bod

Hair Coloring by @perf.scherf.parlour

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for anyone planning a wedding?

Elope! You can have all of your favorite things like a nice wedding dress (wink wink haha) and photos and hair but without having to buy your mother’s coworker a salmon dinner!

How would you rate your overall experience with Wear Your Love?

5 out of 5 stars

Ellie is wearing the Ari Dress with a Sweep Train (12-in), Full Coverage back and a Slight Flare sleeve (extends onto the hand)

Congratulations on your beautiful wedding!

As you start this new journey in life, may every day hold wonderful shared experiences!

Alisha Franco