Trends in wedding dresses come and go, but it doesn’t matter what’s in or what’s not in. What you want is all that matters. Unlike times past, when everything had rules set in place and the boundaries of wedding dress styles fell into just a few categories and formalities, today’s dresses are meant to fill the vision and expectations of the bride, and pretty much anything goes. If you are a free-spirit, someone who is inspired by nature, and you love the idea of comfort and ease, then a Boho wedding dress may be what you’re looking for to complete your wedding vision in the style you’ve always dreamed of.


What is a boho wedding dress?

A boho wedding dress is a wedding dress that embodies a carefree, eclectic, and laid-back vibe, and centers around the comfort and expression of the free-spirited bride. Boho wedding dresses often include graphic lace, matte fabrics, and romantic details coming together with effortless femininity.


Every year new ideas about our world bring about trends in wedding styles. Some old trends are reinvented, and others are a product of a new society. Boho wedding dresses are both nostalgic and super-charged, feminine, unique and above all, emphasize comfort as one of their main features.

Reminiscent of the late 1960s, the Boho or Bohemian themed wedding can be cozy or luxurious but it will have elements of romanticism. The Boho style wedding dress has a natural feel above all else.


Boho dresses generally consist of a basic lack of structure, giving way to carefree silhouettes and extreme ease of wearing. There are no boning or wires in the bodice, no tedious, tiny button and loop closures, and no heavy bustling; layers are light, with floral patterns woven into lace, simple texture, and some ethnic touches.

Photo by Alex Mari

These effortless gowns have a free-spirited aesthetic with artisanal detailing, often incorporating eclectic, organic elements of style that evoke whimsey and the wonders of nature.

How do you know it’s a Boho style wedding dress?

Look for a natural-fitting silhouette without a lot of structure. Boho wedding dress fabric is often matte, features patterns of organic foliage, or damask or geometric styles. A romantic boho wedding dress might have light layers, dramatic sleeves, and an etherial feel.


How to style a boho wedding dress

The Bohemian spirit is effortless. These dresses are often worn with elfin hair wreaths of greenery, flower crowns, half-garlands at the back of the head, tousled locks or messy fishtail braids or buns, and simple ornamentation such as an oversized barrette filled with flowers. And with the right dress you can create boho wedding looks that are all your own.

Photo by Austin Ftacnik

Photo by Alex Mari

Because the bohemian look is drawn from an eclectic mix of cultures, jewelry can be minimal, exotic, or abundant. A draped tulle or net veil accented with beads or a simple hair ornament makes a wonderful, lightweight, unfussy headpiece, and can be worn at the back or sides to complement your hairstyle. You may not like the idea of a veil at all. In that case, you can go with live flowers, or a lace headband. Even a cowboy hat and boots will work as long as it’s true to you!


Venues often take take the form of gardens, woods, or beaches. Flowers may dominate the theme of a boho wedding. Decorate everything from chandeliers to doorways to arbors with garlands, fern swags, fruit wreaths, and ivy streamers.


  • Woodland animals, flowers, or leaves can be represented on programs and invitations


  • Use wildflower seed packets as wedding favors


  • Opt for a dried-flower bouquet


  • Have a simple cake with cream layers, berry fillings, thinly iced surfaces, delicate traceries, ferns, ivy, vines, twig wreaths, and small flowers, all in keeping with the naturalness of the forest or nature.

If you’re taking your vows on the beach, offer your guests a shoe check. There may be no greater consideration for your guests than to provide them with this service. Guests will check their expensive, fancy shoes before they hit the sand!


If you’re getting married in a garden, our Nevaeh design is perfect with its rose embroidered lace pattern, bare back neckline, and flowing skirt.


Bohemian weddings can take place just about anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Nature will take care of your outdoor decoration, but you can enhance your setting with an arch of flowers and vines. Use twinkling white lights reminiscent of star-filled nights to decorate tree branches and outdoor marquees.

Photo by Becca Romero

Photo by Becca Romero

For an indoor wedding, create an archway for the ceremony that can be transported to the reception for the grand entrance. Keep lights low and use tea lights on tables for a romantic outdoor feel.


All our dress designs are fresh, artful, and romantic. They move easily, capturing a carefree vibe that will allow you to have fun, and will play an integral part in carrying your Boho theme through. Choose your sleeve length, front and back neckline, and skirt style from our numerous designs, or customize these features to suit your individual preferences. Our wedding dresses pack well and will remain wrinkle-free throughout the event.


Our lace is delicate, elegant and luxuriously soft to the touch. All our gowns are lined with soft, breathable, organic cotton knit that doesn’t bind.. They can be customized to include a lining at the décolletage, sleeves or back bodice. The result is stunning, giving the gown an exquisite, natural-looking lace-on-skin effect.

The Boho dress and wedding emphasizes and is inspired by the natural world, and is in keeping with a deep appreciation for the magnificence and abundance of nature. It values emotion over intellect, imagination over logic. The Boho wedding dress is for the free-spirited bride who defies standards. It allows for whatever you want to create on your special day. Our dreamy dresses are made with a mix of fabrics: floral lace, airy English tulle, natural silk, and vegan chiffon, which perfectly embodies the spirit of romance, nature, and effortless comfort that defines the Boho style.


Each of our dresses is hand made in our northern California studio using 18 individual measurements, so you get a the best possible fit right out of the box. Check our FAQs page for more in-depth info on our dresses HERE. Or go HERE for more information about how we’ll make your dress.

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