Deciding to Elope

Most people will never plan a large catered event in their lifetime, with the possible exception of their wedding. Coordinating everything—including venues, food, entertainment, linens, vendors, and florists—can be mind-boggling and intimidating. Because of the stress involved and the often-exorbitant price of a wedding, you may have decided that elopement is the right way to go for you.


Eloping is not for everyone, but it can be very thrilling and sexy knowing that it will be just you and your partner, without anyone interfering in the planning of this exciting, life-changing, once-in-a-lifetime event.


If you’ve decided to run away, to secretly and privately get married to escape the hectic task of planning a wedding or for any other reason, congratulations! You’ll have eliminated the bulk of the work—the stress and expense of it all. But there are still some things you’ll need to handle, such as booking your travel, checking legalities (if you’re heading out of the country), finding your vendors (photographer, local planning help, or a florist, for example), and of course you’ll still need to find the perfect dress. For most brides, it’s almost always about the dress!


Finding the perfect wedding dress may be the foremost thought in the mind of any bride-to-be, and the less time you have to find it, the more anxiety-stricken you may become. But finding the perfect dress should be some of the most fun you’ve ever had, so follow the first basic rule: don’t panic!

What is an Elopement Dress?

An elopement dress is a dress that travels well while holding its elegant shape. It does not wrinkle and is generally lighter in weight, with a simpler silhouette than gowns that might have several layers of skirting and under skirting, boned bodices, heavy collars, stones or beading, and long cathedral-length trains. If you’re planning to wear a veil or other headpiece, it should also be packable—wrinkle-resistant and not take up too much room in your travel bag.

Still, searching for the perfect dress can be stressful and time-consuming, and if you’re planning to elope, it can be even more difficult. Regardless of your destination, however, you don’t want the added task of having to have your dress steamed or pressed when you arrive. You want your dress to arrive with you wrinkle free and ready to wear when you pull it out of your suitcase or hanging bag. So follow the second basic rule: make sure it’s packable!

What should be on your checklist when choosing an elopement dress?

  • Style – What type of dress reflects your personality? What inspires you? Do you prefer full or slim skirts, a Grecian column or a mermaid silhouette? Would you prefer long or short sleeves, sleeveless, or off shoulder? Do you like overskirts, a high or low neckline, or a train? The theme and the dress style should be the first things you think about when you know you’re going to get married. Your vision for your dress reflects your inner most self.
  • Comfort – The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be uncomfortable in your dress. Think about how a dress might bind or cut, inhibit your breathing, or slip in the wrong places. Some wedding dresses are so heavy they can tire you out carrying all that fabric around all day! Your elopement dress needs to move with you easily and comfortably.
  • Location – Whether you’ve opted for the city, the beach, the mountains or countryside, a Japanese garden or a castle, your dress should reflect the location and theme of your wedding. Our lace and tulle dresses will complement the beautiful landscape and background you’ve chosen to take your vows.
  • Climate – Are you going to a hot climate or a cooler climate? Choose your sleeve length and neckline to accommodate the climate you’re eloping to.
  • Packability – This may be the most important feature to consider when choosing your elopement dress. An elopement dress that’s packable and looks good straight out of your travel bag can relieve you from the stress of having to reshape, steam or press your dress when you arrive at your destination.

Selecting a Style

Weddings can take place anywhere, but a general rule is to look to the formality of your wedding and the comfort level you’ll need for your particular location.

You may be working your way through sand or over uneven pathways or grassy knolls. Our all-over lace dresses are perfect for this. They move with you effortlessly. The Fleur, Heila, Bree, Jade, and Equinox designs are not only stunning and sexy, they’re completely fuss-free, as are all our all-over lace dresses. They allow you to move freely, without excess bulk or inhibiting bodices, and are flattering to just about any figure.

If you’re heading for a scenic mountainside or country location, where majestic panoramic views can be the headlining attraction, take the lead and be the star of the show in one of our breathtaking tulle-skirt dresses. Tulle is romantic, artistic, whimsical, and flirty. Combined with our elegant lace bodices, a tulle skirt will make you feel like a princess, regal on your fairy-tale story-book day. After all, you should be the leading lady in your own story!

Photo by Becca Romero

For a sultry island wedding or if you’re planning to wed in an exotic garden location, one of our exquisite, long-stem-rose lace dresses will allow you to stand out among your destination’s magnificent flowers and foliage. Lace is alluring, traditional, nostalgic, and evocative. These dresses pair beautifully with tropical flower crowns. Our Ari, Nevaeh, Willow, Ellora, Light, Tabitha, and Lilith silhouettes have a natural, free-spirited, romantic quality that will make you look and feel exceptional among all the splendor of nature’s own beauty.

Photo by Becca Romero

Heading for a beach? Slit skirts offer even more freedom and comfort for your special day. Our Sia, Sasha, Haven, and Cascade models are perfectly sexy with their long-slit skirts. After all, elopements are sexy, aren’t they?

Things to Consider

  • If you’re planning an indoor elopement, you might be headed for a museum or historic site that allows for any style and level of formality.
  • For outdoor weddings, be aware of potential obstacles. If your destination is a Japanese garden, for example, the sprinkler system might go on at any moment or the horticulturist may have just laid down some new fertilizer. Eloping to an Indian ceremonial site? The pyramids of Yucatan? Anything can happen at a tourist destination. Don’t worry. Our dresses are hand washable and durable, at least against the elements. And because they’re relatively light-weight, spot washing is easy.

What makes our dresses so wonderful to wear?

We source supple, stretch French lace, airy English tulle, and natural silk and vegan chiffons. All our gowns are lined with a breathable, organic cotton that is incredibly soft against your skin.

Each dress is made in our Northern California studio using 18 individual measurements, so you get a perfect fit—the first time.

Check our FAQs page for more in-depth info on our dresses HERE. Or go HERE for more information about how we’ll make your dress.
Our full line of dresses can be viewed HERE. We are Wear Your Love, where you will find 100% custom, made-to-measure wedding dresses online, without the hassle of trudging to multiple wedding boutiques and having to endure numerous fittings. At Wear Your Love, we get it right the first time!

Don’t downplay your elopement. This is still your day! Your gown will be an extension of your innermost self, the fairy tale you’ve wanted to live. It’s not something you’ll do every day, so live out your fantasy, your dream, with flair, passion, and romance in a Wear Your Love gown!

Lee Caleca

Lee Caleca is a prolific writer with experience in several career fields. She’s appeared in newsprint, magazines, theatre, on camera, on stage and runway, and has held responsibilities including wedding photographer, location assistant, set design, property, casting, and costume design and execution.