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Zoey Scoop-Back Sample (size XS-S)

Long Sleeve Wedding Dress With Boat Neckline and Scooped Back

$1,080.00 USD $1,800.00 USD Sold Out
Zoey Scoop-Back Return (size S)

Long Sleeve Wedding Dress With Boat Neckline and Scooped Back

$1,080.00 USD $1,800.00 USD Sold Out
London Return (size XL)

Ethereal Skirt Gown With Fitted Backless Bodice

$920.00 USD $1,840.00 USD Sold Out
Custom Lennox 3.0 Return (size XS)

Crop Top Wedding Dress With Off-shoulder Long Lace Sleeves

$664.00 USD $1,660.00 USD Sold Out
Indy Return (size M-L)

Long Sleeve Wedding Dress With Keyhole Style Open Back

$1,080.00 USD $1,800.00 USD Sold Out
Camilla Return (size S)

Long Sleeve With Scoop Neckline And Open Back With Ribbon Tie

$1,128.00 USD $1,880.00 USD Sold Out
Felicia Return (size XL)

Romantic Lace Bodice With Effortless Chiffon Skirt

$765.00 USD $1,700.00 USD Sold Out
Veda Sample (size XS-S)

Bohemian Wedding Dress With Diamond Shaped Train

$1,010.00 USD $2,020.00 USD Sold Out
Willow Sample (size XS)

Short Sleeve Princess Gown In Striking Rose Pattern Lace

$1,200.00 USD $2,400.00 USD Sold Out
Evan Return (size S)

Button Back Gown With Beautiful Chiffon Skirt

$564.00 USD $1,880.00 USD Sold Out

If you are a bohemian free spirit shopping the fashion universe high and low for comfortable boho wedding dresses and accessories to match, you have finally landed at the brand you’ve been dreaming of.

We are a California based team of designers with a combined 30+ years of experience who are here to help you slip into the wedding dress that evokes your most confident, adventurous, wild, and amazing self. We are lovers of the new paradigm of weddings that calls into question the uniformity of the traditional and beckons forth inspiration for the modern bride. She wants all the style and glamour without compromising her values or her comfort. She wants a casual feel to her wedding day; at home beside the love of her life, with her body enveloped in soft fabrics and gorgeous dress details. This is the journey of a lifetime. You should feel like you in your wedding dress. And what can do that better than a boho style featuring organic cotton and luxury lace fabric and dresses designed to make you feel inspiration to be the most sensational version of yourself?

Be sure to check out our in-depth article here. In short, boho wedding dresses inspire a feeling of whimsy and effortlessness. These styles are the perfect dress for free spirited brides. Bohemian wedding dresses often include graphic lace, luxury matte fabrics, and an all-around easygoing style. If you’re looking for a dress that makes you feel dreamy and will turn heads, boho gowns are for you. Boho brides espouse a bridal style that speaks to the sweetness of the love in their soul and want to project that in their personal style. Get to planning, let inspiration strike, and then allow your natural beauty to shine in an ethereal, light, delicate wedding dress from this collection.

Ideal for romantic elopements or beach weddings, boho wedding dresses achieve an effortless feeling prized by the boho spirit. Laid back brides adore this style of stunning wedding dress for their hippie-inspired details like bell sleeves, cotton dot trimmings, stylish cut-outs, elegant open backs, and figure flattering shapes. An effortless silhouette goes hand-in-hand with dramatic sleeves and sweet floral details to make for the epitome of feminine charm and contemporary bridal style.

In this bridal dress collection, we’ve taken great care to create simple silhouettes for carefree dresses that speak to the true romantic. Here you’ll find something perfect for the bohemian ceremony, adventure elopement, or backyard garden affair. Unlike what you’ll find in big box bridal stores, a minimalist bride planning a beach wedding in adventurous style can find a perfect fit with one of these dresses on her big day. Bohemian romance abounds with long sleeves, artfully executed embellishments, and beautiful lines, because that is what our brand is all about. We do unique dresses to pair perfectly with the non-traditional weddings our brides are planning.

Planning a wedding and finding the right wedding dress can be a challenge. The struggle and the search are totally real! Even for the boho bride. But wedding dress shopping for the free spirited bride has never been easier than it is here. Order your wedding dress online and have it delivered to your door, anywhere worldwide. Pair your wedding dress with something from our luxurious accessory collection and let the dream begin. We specialize in dresses and accessories for the laid back bride. We offer bohemian wedding dresses with luxurious fabrics, ethereal vibes and head to toe easy relaxed comfort. And unlike other wedding dress brands and stores, we don’t charge anything extra for a plus size wedding dress.

We design each gorgeous gown in organic cotton and soft stretch fabrics. So, these boho wedding dresses are comfortable enough to hike to the highest peak. Go ahead with planning that epic photo the most daring bride is dreaming of.

For the boho bride we skip the uncomfortable boning, corsetry, zippers, and snaps you'll find with other brands. And each of our wedding dresses comes complete with bust cups sewn in for shaping, modesty, and a bit of support. The bohemian bride need not worry about a bra with her WYL dress. A laidback wedding has never felt better!

Our bohemian style wedding dresses are also available for minor design customization. If you see yourself in a custom dress on your wedding day, get in touch with us!

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Read our STORY BEHIND THE DRESS Blog to take in the stories of the beautiful lovers who have said yes to wearing our effortless silhouettes and plunging backs around the world, from the wildflower fields of California to the rolling hills of Australia.