Nate & Shah'ada wearing a custom Zoey 2.0

Nate & Shah'ada wearing a custom Zoey 2.0

October 03, 2019

Nate & Shah'ada

How did you meet the love of your life?

Nate and I both work with indigent and vulnerable communities in rural far Northern California. He is a medical provider and I work in legal aid. Our paths crossed professionally many times before our first date.

When did you know that this person had stolen your heart?

The very first time we spoke. I can honestly say I knew I would marry him from the moment I met him. His soul spoke to mine.

Tell us about the proposal?

Nate and I have two deeply shared passions: wine and living life serving our community. Our big-picture dream is one day building a self-supporting boutique winery in Amador County, California that houses and employs those in need of shelter, job training, safety, skill-building, education, etc. So, Nate booked a weekend at an in-the-process-of-revitalization Amador County vineyard. We had the whole property to ourselves, and as the sun was going down and we were walking in between remnants of old vine zinfandel, I turned around to find him on one knee.

How did you come across Wear Your Love?

I had found WYL when my sister got engaged in 2016 and we began the hunt for her dress! I followed WYL on Instagram and Pinterest and fell deeper and deeper in love with your aesthetic over time. So when Nate proposed to me, I already knew I wanted a custom WYL dress.

When did you know you had found your perfect dress?

When I emailed WYL after our engagement and asked questions about the dresses, customization, and just general gushing, I knew I was on the WYL train after each kind, timely, and informative email I received from the WYL team. Once I received confirmation WYL could provide me with the dress of my dreams, I dove right in!

What went through your mind when the Wear Your Love box arrived at your doorstep, and you pulled out your dress for the first time?

My heart was pounding!!! My mom and sisters were on FaceTime and my step-daughters were in the room with me when I opened my WYL box. I think all of us were breathless for a good 10 seconds after I pulled the dress out of the box!

What was your wedding theme or style?

We were married in the backyard of our 100-year-old Victorian, so we kept everything elegantly simple. My most favorite color for as long as I can remember is mustard yellow (hence the dress customization), Nate and I both love olive trees, and burgundy and navy were the additional complement colors.

Let's show your wedding venue some love! What is the name of the wedding venue you chose and why did you choose them for your special day?

We own a 100-year-old Victorian in the oldest neighborhood in Redding, California. We chose to get married at our home because it is where we are building our lives. Nate and I each brought three children to the marriage and inviting people to our home to witness our marriage was very important to us.

What was on your wedding soundtrack playlist, aisle, reception, and first dance?

I walked down the aisle to "We Are On Time" by Nahko and Medicine for the People. A local mountain blues band, Heavy Dose of Blues, provided the music for us. We had no playlist other than rockin' blues music!!

Tell us your favorite moment from your wedding?

Feeling all the love and support from everyone who attended our wedding or celebrated with us from afar. Having a standing ceremony was so truly amazing - it felt like a giant hug when we were saying our vows to one another!

Tell us who was involved in making your wedding day wonderful?

Our photographer Dan Bushkin was truly the most amazing (Instagram @danbushkin).

I did my own hair and makeup, but Kelly at Flower Girls Farms provided us with AMAZING florals (Instagram @flowergirlsfarm, Heavy Dose of Blues (Facebook) played the most amazing music, and Jason from Odell Craft BBQ @odellcraftbbq) fed everyone the most delicious bbq imaginable! 

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for anyone planning a wedding?

Choose the "most important must-have" thing to you and let the rest go. For me, it was choosing the perfect photographer and making sure my dress was "the one." I put time, thought, and effort into the remaining aspects of my wedding, but did not stress over the teeny details. Our wedding was a party celebrating us, don't forget that!

How would you rate your overall experience with Wear Your Love?

5 out of 5 stars


Congratulations Nate & Shah'ada!


Wishing you the best today and always


Shah'ada is wearing the Zoey 2.0 with a custom color skirt in "beautiful mustard", floor-length skirt, nude bodice lining, and unlined sleeves.

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