Congratulations, Maggie & Andrew on their gorgeous Charleston low country wedding. Photography by Taylor Jordan Photography.

So tell us, how did you meet the love of your life?

We met at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. Andrew was working there and I was an attendee. He spotted me across a field and asked a mutual friend to introduce us. We quickly hit it off and became friends, although we didn't start dating until a few years later.

Was there a moment you knew they were the one? Tell us how they won your heart.

After we had been dating casually for several months, Andrew invited me on a trip to Mexico. I hesitated and then declined, as it just felt like too much. A few weeks later was my birthday, and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers arrived at my house, from Andrew! I called to say thank you, and he told me to reach into the flowers. Tucked inside the blooms was a plane ticket to Cancun. He said "don't worry, it's fully refundable, but I had to try one more time." This time I agreed, and we had the most wonderful time together. It was there that he told me he loved me, while we were watching a meteor shower one night by the ocean. I knew I felt the same, and we've been together ever since.

Tell us the story of the proposal ❤️

Andrew and I own a house together that backs up to some beautiful hikes and open space in Colorado. On the anniversary of the weekend we had met, we hiked up there with our dog to enjoy the view as we often do. He got down on one knee and totally surprised me!

What is the name of your dress? Did you have any customizations? 

Fleur. I had lace motifs added to the back as a customization

What was most important to you when choosing your wedding dress

Sustainability, comfort and elegance.

What aspects of your wedding were most important to you when you were planning?

I would have been happy exchanging vows with Andrew in any setting -- just us, with a few friends and family, or with lots of people! So when we decided to have a big wedding, the priority was really about the celebration, bringing people together, and doing it all in a way that felt true to us. We were lucky to have one of our favorite bands play, and they brought the house down! We also had an oyster shucking station with a cava pairing, and a lowcountry boil for dinner. We worked with the city and some local organizers to have three-stream waste stations (recycling, composting and landfill) and we were able to divert 80% of our waste that way. I will always cherish how special it was to see so many of our loved ones in one place, meeting, laughing, hugging and dancing. The energy was unforgettable!

Did your wedding have a theme or a specific style?

We mainly just wanted our guests to get a taste of the Charleston lowcountry, from the scenery of our venue, with live oaks and marsh and a wraparound porch, to the local seafood, to the vibe of casual elegance and southern hospitality. It was many of our guests' first time to the area and it was a delight to share a place so special with them.

What advice do you wish you could go back and give to yourself when you were in the early stages of planning?

Remember that you know yourself and your taste and priorities best! With any wedding there are going to be a lot of cooks in the kitchen -- family members, friends, vendors, etc -- who will all have opinions on how things should be done. I wish I had stuck with my gut on a few decisions that I was persuaded otherwise on.

Let's show your wedding venue some love! What is the name of your venue, and why did you choose it for your special day?

Alhambra Hall in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. This is a special place to my family -- my grandparents attended parties there in the 30s and 40s, and my sister was married there 7 years ago. It is a former ferry terminal and is owned by the city, and the staff is really kind and helpful. It was perfect for what we wanted, with spectacular views of the water, breezy porches, hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings. Kim from Coastal Creations floral helped us really elevate the space with hanging greenery and florals.

What was your favorite moment of the day?

There were so many! The music was certainly a standout for me. Our band was phenomenal and they also happen to be our dear friends. Since many of our guests were also musicians, we had a few different friends hop up on stage for special performances. Even the groom performed a couple of songs! I never left the dance floor once.

How did you feel spending the day in your wedding dress?

I felt comfortable, and very much myself! I loved that the dress didn't overwhelm with poofiness, boning or frills, but rather allowed my authentic self to shine. The long sleeves would have been elegant in any weather, but I was especially grateful for them on my chillier-than-expected wedding day. My husband loved the dress's unique, lacy style and figure-hugging silhouette. The dress was so soft and touchable; his hands were constantly around my waist!

Who was your photographer?


Would you like to shout out to any of your other vendors?

@yojevents, @coastalcreationsfloral, @charlestonbaygourmet, @keepcharlestonbeautiful

What has been the best part so far about being married?

Although Andrew and I have navigated the world as a partnership for a while now, it's been meaningful to officially become a family together, to share ambitions, joys and sorrows as a unit, and to have that recognized by our society. I wish the same opportunity for all humans in love who want to share a life together!

Maggie is wearing Fleur with ivory lining, a full 18 in train, & a customized hand-cut lace motif neckline.

Rachel Ferreira