We recommend the use of an acid free wedding dress box for storage of your dress both before and after your wedding, to prevent yellowing. Your dress is shipped in an eco-friendly shipping box that is not acid free. Wedding dress storage boxes can be found online, in bridal stores, or at many dry-cleaning facilities, and range from quite simple to personalized keepsakes.

We recommend against hanging your dress for prolonged periods of time as the weight of your skirt can cause distortion of the fabrics over time. It is okay to hang your dress 48 hours prior to your wedding to let the fabric relax.



Dry cleaning is advised. However, if dry cleaning is not an option, your dress can be washed on the gentle cycle specified for delicates. Do not bleach. LAY FLAT TO DRY. Do not put your dress in the dyer, it will shrink and distort. Do not hang your dress to dry, the weight of the wet fabric will distort your dress. While your dress is wet, use a large flat dry surface to shape your dress and leave it to lay flat until dry. You may need to turn the dress over to allow the underside to dry.

For spot cleaning, we recommend Shout brand wipes. For stain treatment before washing we recommend Shout brand spray.



If your dress is wrinkled we recommend using a low heat iron. It is advisable to test your iron heat at its lowest setting and gradually increase the heat to make sure you do not burn the fabric. Usually the silk setting works best. Do not use heat above the "wool" or "medium" setting on any of the fabrics of your dress. Make sure your iron is clean before use!

If your dress has hand-cut motif pieces along the skirt, neck, back, and/or sleeves the edges may bend or curl over time. To make your edges crisp again, use a starch spray (we recommend Faultless brand) and low heat iron. Please follow the starch instructions on the can for best results.