When is the next sale?

There isn’t one. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss it. You won’t miss it. 

Instead, our pricing reflects what it costs us to ethically manufacture made-to-measure wedding dresses one-by-one, in the United States, while providing for our team, and sourcing our quality materials. Our dresses are priced at the point that allows us to create beautiful eco-conscious dresses, while also keeping them as affordable for our brides as possible. We do not believe in setting arbitrarily high prices so that we can incentivize sales with discount codes and mad-dash one-day price slashing.

We would never, in a million years, want our brides to feel remorse for not having waited long enough to get in on a Black Friday sale price, or wait too long to order, hoping a sale will happen. Every season we have to turn down brides who waited too long on their dress. It breaks our hearts, but as a small, independent studio, we simply do not have the capacity to make more dresses once our production schedule is full.

Because we are an all-in-house design and manufacturing team, we are able to offer our gowns to our brides with customizations patterned individually by our designers and create each and every dress to the exact measurements of the unique bride who will be wearing it. Since our gowns are not mass-produced in a distant factory with questionable (at best) labor, safety, and environmental practices, our costs are higher than most bridal brands. But, because we don’t run showrooms or sell to third party retailers, we can cut out that extra markup completely, keeping our uniquely high-quality and customizable wedding dress experience less expensive than the run-of-the-mill market norm.

When you buy a Wear Your Love dress, you are getting a dress that has been made-to-order using your exact measurements for a perfect fit. This means more than 9 times out of 10 our dresses fit like a glove right out of the box, so you won’t be blindsided by pricey alterations. You are also getting ongoing personal service from our wonderful team who are happy to hold your hand through the whole process from selecting your dress, to taking your measurements, and all of the other little questions that come up in between.

By keeping our prices honest, we hope this makes your wedding planning just a little easier, and that when your big day comes, you feel proud to Wear Your Love.