Madelyn 2.0 Dress

If you are the kind of woman who embraces her individual style, loves luxurious, body-hugging lace, and believes with all her heart in absolutely epic love, then you are our kind of bride, and we are so happy you have found us.

Madelyn 2.0, by Wear Your Love

Madelyn 2.0 is everything we loved about our sold-out original Madelyn, plus the elements you told us you couldn’t live without. This body-hugging column dress is made to captivate its audience with lavish textures and a simply graceful outline that exudes grace with a casual confidence. 

The luxurious lace that composes the majority of the Madelyn 2.0 dress features an eye-catching pattern of floral and leaf designs inspired by the beauty found in a Summer garden.  For additional texture, we’ve added a beautifully delicate lace in skirt panels whose seams flatter the hips, and a gathered eyelash lace ruffle around the skirt hemline and 16-inch train.

Madelyn 2.0 is with a solidly covered back, fully lined.  This dress can be worn with a traditional bra.  The skirt can be finished with a thigh-length lining, or a floor-length lining, and with our without the thigh-high skirt slit on the right side.  When the skirt slit is omitted it is created with a slightly more flared shape for ease of movement.  Madelyn 2.0 is fully lined in the front and back of the dress body and can be made with or without sleeve lining. 

As with all of our wedding gowns, the Madelyn 2.0 is made to each individual bride’s exact measurements. After your order is placed, we will send your measurement guide to you, which will direct you through the process of providing the precise measurements we need to create your gown to your unique shape. This includes your torso length, arm length, bust, waist, and hip size, as well as your arm width, and overall height, along with several other measurements.  This means your Madelyn 2.0 gown will be made to fit your one-of-a-kind body like a glove.

  • Soft stretch lace fabrics are paired with organic cotton knit for a soft and comfortable fit
  • Lace is soft white (a shade between bright white and ivory)
  • Can be worn with a traditional bra
  • Dress bodice is fully lined front and back
  • Skirt lining length options include a thigh-length lining or a floor-length lining
  • Long lace sleeves with scalloped lace detailing
  • Eyelash lace detailing on elegant 16-inch train
  • Available with or without skirt slit
  • Available with or without lining in the sleeves
  • Lining color options include: White, Nude, Natural, and Ivory
  • Swatches will be sent to you when you place your order so that you can choose your color options

Our favorite lining color for this dress is Natural.

COLORS: In an effort to make choosing your colors easy and provide a most accurate experience of our fabrics, we offer complimentary swatches for clients who have placed their dress order with us. The swatch packet will be sent out to you within 3 business days of your dress order being placed with us. You will then fill out our bridal questionnaire with your color choices after you have received your swatch packet. Your swatch packet will include the featured lace in all color options available, any other fabrics used for your dress, and the selection of lining color options we offer with your dress. There is no extra charge for this when you have placed your dress order with us.

SIZING: Once your order is placed we will send a detailed measuring guide to you so that you can provide your exact measurements and we can create your dress to your specific size and shape.  The measuring guide will include the opportunity to provide your length measurements, as well as neckline depth, sleeve length, and slit height where applicable.


Domestic orders are shipped with Priority Mail.  The price range is generally between $30 - $55 USD, depending on your dress price and your shipping destination. 

For international orders, you are given the choice between Priority Mail International, which uses your local postal service, or UPS / FedEx.  The price range is generally between $70 - $180 USD, depending on the carrier you choose, your dress price, and your shipping destination. 

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