Phoebe Dress

Phoebe, by Wear Your Love

The Phoebe bride embodies effortless beauty and understated glamour.  This gown is for the laid-back natural beauty who believes in love and exudes confidence.

Every curve of this dress is so soft it begs to be worn. The lace used in the bodice and sleeves was chosen for its body-hugging and luxurious feel.  The organic cotton, natural silk chiffon, and soft English tulle fabrics chosen for the skirt create three ethereal layers that come to life with movement, making magic with every step taken.

With all the glorious detailing of our best-selling Zoey gowns, and a new silhouette that shows off those gorgeous shoulders, we’ve finished every edge in hand-cut and carefully placed lace motifs of floral lace in that perfectly imperfect, effortlessly graceful way we love so much. 

  • Lace and skirt are soft-white in color (a shade between ivory and bright white)
  • Bodice is fully lined front and back
  • Sleeves can be made unlined (shown), or fully lined
  • Non-slip elastic trim at the inside of shoulders for a comfortable grip
  • All photos show Natural bodice lining
  • All photos show no lining in sleeves
  • Three skirt layers: organic cotton, natural silk chiffon, and soft English tulle
  • Available with three train options: Floor-Length (no train), Sweep (8-inch train), and Court (16-inch train) (shown)
  • Shown paired with the Nova veil in floor length and soft white, and our Earthbound Earrings
  • PAIRS WITH: Lyra Veil, Kenna Veil in Soft White, Demi Veil, and Nova Veil in Soft White

SIZING: Once your order is placed, we will send a detailed measuring guide to you so that you can provide your exact measurements and we can create your dress to your specific size and shape.  The measuring guide will include the opportunity to provide your length measurement, as well as neckline depth, sleeve length, and slit height where applicable.

Phoebe is shown with Natural bodice lining color at a Court Train (16-in).

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